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Azimut BusBrain Platform

The AZIMUT BusBrain platform allows the efficient management of all information generated by the different safety systems installed on the vehicle, on routes and on the whole fleet.

The platform is designed to improve the efficiency of the service and improve on-board safety, in accordance with the real demands of the service with regard to driver and passenger behaviour and detailed information on passenger flow.

Passenger transport operators perceive this complex service as a simple system offering all information generated in the most practical way possible; segmented and grouped, compared with other data of interest and linked to pertinent data for the operator.

The result is a control panel which facilitates decision making, and increased profitability.

Integrated solutions within the Azimut BusBrain platform:

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS):

> Lane change assist.
> Brake assist.
> Detection of objects in blind spot.

Detection of driver behaviour:

> Fatigue  > Use of mobile
> Smoking > Distraction

Information generated by the automatic passenger counting (APC) system:

> Passengers who have boarded and alighted at each stop.
> Passengers on-board in real time.
> Passenger flow by time slots and route.
> Graphs with analysis of passenger flow in recent days, weeks and months.

Video surveillance system:

> IP and analogue cameras. Interior and exterior.
> Azimut 360º system. Perimeter cameras.

How does it work?

> Vehicle selection

> View in real time

Location on the map, the direction of movement and speed

> Viewing of both interior and exterior cameras in real time.

> Access Information

Access the information and videos generated by the platform.


The Azimut BusBrain system offers you the following features:

Viewing in real time Location and video in real time

Alarm in real time
Access to video of the situation which raised the alarm. Automatic download of the download generated.

Quick search for evidence generated. Allows evidence to be exported automatically to email addresses.

Replay of local video
Remote replay of data.
On any device with a connection.

Automatic download of reports by category

Mobile app available

All information of the BusBrain platform, now in the palm of your hand.

Because people come first

Improves on-board efficiency and safety

A control panel which facilitates decision making and increased profitability


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