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Automatic Passenger Counter

High precision capacity control system allowing the number of passengers on the vehicle and the fleet to be known in real time.

High Precision

Adds and subtracts simultaneously

Number of passengers in real time

Simple installation

Capacity Control System

Informs the driver of the number of passengers on the vehicle in real time, adding and subtracting simultaneously, even in high congestion situations. A predictive system which helps adjust the service to the real demand for transport and allows information to be sent to the data centre in real time.

The system detects when the doors open and close, and allows alerts to be established when a certain number of passengers is reached, recording images captured by sensors. Additionally, its infrared system means that it does not depend on lighting conditions.

Driver Information System

Automatic passenger counter with screen for the driver

Adds and subtracts simultaneously

Independent system

Can be installed on existing screens

A sensor on each door

Special robust Automotive Certified

Automatic Passenger
Counter System

PREMIUM Solution

1 high precision sensor on each door with 99% precision*.
Information screen for the driver.
Management platform. The whole fleet at a glance.

Adds and subtracts simultaneously

Ultra-precise system

Large flow of passengers

Management of the fleet in real time

Solution scalable with other devices

Number of passengers per bus stop

And all information from the platform
on your devices

* 99% de precisión con afluencia normal de pasajeros. Con alta congestión = 95%


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