CCTV Security System: Protect
passengers, driver and operator.


Because people matter, safety comes first,
Goal; protect passengers, driver and operator.

Stable and


Platform of

Passenger flow
in real time


of the driver

Everything that happens inside
of a vehicle and in the entire fleet
in the palm of your hand

The video surveillance service has become an indispensable solution in passenger transport. It provides real and objective evidence of everything that happens inside and outside a vehicle. It protects passengers from inappropriate behavior by other passengers, it protects the driver from critical situations in which the help of video recording is decisive. It is essential to solve:
> Accidents
> Thefts
> Inappropriate behaviors
> False claims
> Conflicts due to multiple causes, etc…

Compatible and scalable with other security systems
DSM, ADAS, BSD, Azimut 360º vision, BUS BRAIN Platform

AZIMUT cameras, the best image quality in any light condition

Cameras with state-of-the-art sensors, optics and special housings for the automotive industry are the perfect solution to collect everything that happens inside and outside the vehicle.
Indoor and outdoor cameras, with or without a microphone, analog or IP, a wide range to select the best option for your vehicle.

Great clarity in total darkness. High precision infrared

Great clarity in Auto White Balance.
High precision infrared

Full HD images with sensors up to 1/3”

Robust, resistant and versatile.

AZIMUT Monitors

The monitors AZIMUT allow you to select the video source you want to view at any time or view them simultaneously on the screen. 1, 4 or 9 of the same time to have total control of what happens inside and outside the vehicle. When reverse gear is activated, the system automatically prioritizes this image from the rear camera.

High-quality images without delay

Normal or mirror vision.

Access to

Great visibility day and night. High brightness LCD.

Driver identification with RFID card

Robust, resistant and versatile.

AZIMUT servers

The servers AZIMUT allow you to record any image from the camera system and access the recording in real time from a device connected to the internet. Up to 8 analog cameras and 8 IP cameras can be connected. Storage 1 TB. With 4G connection and wifi.

Store Full HD images from up to 16 cameras.

Up to 160 hours
of recording

Access to recordings from anywhere in real time.

GPS vehicle tracking.

Receive notifications by e-mail.

Robust, resistant and versatile.

Recording systems

CCTV security system of azimuth allows the taking
of images through 3 systems:




School Solution

Discover our specially designed solution
for the school sector