Connect your trip with Azimut

Wifi on board buses
for your passengers

Azimut Electronics is a leader in cutting-edge technology for the transportation industry. We offer onboard Wi-Fi solutions for bus operators to provide passengers with a fast and secure internet connection.

Enjoy these benefits
in a single Wi-Fi solution

Secured connectivity.

Data rates to suit you.

Router included.

Data consumption control.

Geolocate your fleet easily.

Trusted technical support.

Why you should offer
Wi-Fi to your passengers?

Installing Wi-Fi on a bus allows passengers to connect to the network and use the internet during the journey.

Not only does this allow them to stay entertained during the tour, but it also allows them to work if needed.

In addition, it also helps the company attract more passengers, as it offers them additional comfort that other bus companies do not have.

Includes data plan + Platform + Router

Our onboard Wi-Fi systems offer a variety of configuration options to meet users' needs. Our systems allow bus operators to control the speed limit and data usage through our captive portal, locate your vehicles, obtain statistics and usage reports as well as remote control of your routers.

The easiest way
to offer Wi-Fi on board

  • Comprehensive and simple solution.
  • Approved products for automotive.
  • Personalize your passengers' internet access
    enhancing your brand image.
  • All the information you need on a single platform.

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