Peripheral Vision 360º

It offers a 360º view of what is happening around the vehicle in real time. It eliminates blind spots, helps maneuver safely and reduces risks.
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Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

It detects in real time pedestrians, cyclists and other moving objects within the areas not visible to the driver and with the highest risk of an accident, by means of infrared sensors with advanced artificial intelligence both during the day and at night.
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Syst. Driver Assistance (ADAS)

The Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) detects dangerous situations and warns the driver with an acoustic and a visual signal. It allows the driver to have a few extra seconds to make correct decisions and avoid accidents.
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Driver Fatigue Detection (DSM)

AZIMUT DSM (Driver Status Monitor) is a type of auxiliary driving warning system that is based on artificial vision technology. It aims to detect the driver's status to avoid unsafe driving behaviors.
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Automatic Passenger Counter (APC)

It informs the driver of the number of passengers in the vehicle in real time, counting and discounting simultaneously even in situations of high congestion. It helps to adjust the service offer to the real demand for transport and allows to send the information in real time to the data center.
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BusBrain AZIMUT Platform

The AZIMUT BusBrain platform allows you to efficiently manage all the information generated by the different safety systems installed in the vehicle, on the routes and throughout the fleet. It facilitates decision-making and increased profitability.
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Digital MirrorCam

Supported by Class II, IV, V and VI cameras, the digital mirror offers a real-time field of view of what is happening on the sides of the vehicle, with a high-definition view under extreme conditions, both day and night.
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CCTV Video Surveillance System

It protects passengers from inappropriate behavior by other passengers, protects the driver from critical situations in which the help of video recording is decisive.
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Measurement Temperature and Det. Mask

The artificial intelligence chip and state-of-the-art algorithm are capable of performing these functions with great precision.
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