Advantages of a Wireless onboard entertainmnet system

Basically an onboard entertainment system is an electronic system, and its wires are always a source of problems because the vibrations and the conditions of the coach are not the same if we compared the coach installation with other fix installations. The impairment of the wires is very important reason why it´s very interesting to reduce the number of wires installed onboard.

Without wires: less failures and maintenance costs.

The reduction of the number of cables installed onboard is the first advantage of the wireless systems. Specially for the systems which transfer a high amount of data, is almost a must to reduce the points of failure or maintenance.

The repercussion of a simple failure of a cable ( disconnected by the vibrations, damaged, cutted……) is something really important because it´s necessary to diagnose it in real time being required the presence of technical people.  Any single failure has to be localized, having in mind that not always all the connections are easily available, sometimes it´s also necessary to have the spare part. Basically from an operative point of view, to solve those failures is more complicated if what the coach has installed is a wired entertainment system. The installation of a wireless entertainment system obviously offers many advantages being more reliable.

Wifi Network

An individual on board entertainment system distributes all the contents and information through an internal wifi network, created by the server of contents and specifically dedicated to the transmission of all those contents. The objective of this system is clear, the reduction of the number of cables required to install the system.

24V Supply

Another of the advantages of the individual onboard entertainment wireless systems is focused in its power supply. The system only requires to install cable in order to supply 24V to every single individual screen, reason why  in terms of maintenance the system can be easily repaired without the necessity of technical people to solve an issue with the power supply.

Tablet Technology

Otra ventaja importante viene relacionada con la evolución de las tablets, al aprovechar este tipo de tecnología para disfrutar de un sistema de entretenimiento individual inalámbrico, se está aprovechando al mismo tiempo todos los enormes avances que se están produciendo en el mercado en este campo. Mientras que, si no fuera así y dependiéramos de un sistema con cableado, estas mejoras siempre dependerían de propio departamento de desarrollo del fabricante, lo que podría  representar una limitación de desarrollo futuro.

As we have been analyzing in previous posts, some of the entertainment systems available in the market are  introducing the standard tablet technology in their screens in order to take advantage of all the development present in this market. Other wired systems developed by specific companies are not so flexible because at the end is the R&D department of every single company who upgrades the systems. From our point of view it can be a limitation in the future because a market trend in terms of product development is powerful compared with an action taken directly from the R&D department of a company.

In summary, the advantages of an individual entertainment wireless systems compared the wired systems a

In summary, the advantages of a single wireless entertainment system compared with a wiring system are significant enough to prefer this type of system on equal terms of price and performance.