Make your investment profitable with payment for access

Entertainment systems whose main purpose is to obtain a fidelity and increased passenger satisfaction, however can be viewed as a premium system to which you have access after paying a fee by using vouchers or tickets, this system lets you limit access partial parts of the platform or limit access to all of it.


In this case we are limiting access to the area films.

Thus the description of this system would be the following:

Pay Per Access system that allows the user to acquire one or more vouchers, 9-digit alphanumeric codes that allow for a limited enjoy any of the components of the onboard web (eg movies) time.

Visitor to ODA is for the sake of connecting 30 minute grace in enjoying a plan “free” that allows limited access to the premium features. Once after that time it would only have access to basic functionality and could increase functionality by introducing additional vouchers.

The plan “free” is designed to offer once on each path to each device connected to ODA. To do so, the server sends data from the MAC and controlled device when it is connected to ensure that no time is exceeded.

This image is access to plan “free” that becomes a basic access when the allotted time is exceeded.

The access codes are generated locally controlled and password and are sold directly to customers.

You can screen code generation PPA or Pay-Per-access and print the pictures above.

The system allows the terminal client’s own previous access data are entered:

Screens and entering access code.


Ultimately, the Payment System Access PPA allows the operator entertainment system Maximize your hardware investment and increase passenger satisfaction.