Install an Individual Entertainment System On board, new bus or Aftermarket?

The installation of an individual entertainment system in a bus is always linked to the type of services developed by the bus operator: regular / charter; distance; passenger profile; years of service and obviously derived questions related to the investment itself: cost, exploitation expenses and the return of the investment.

Install an Indiviual Entertainment System On board
In principle anyone should think to make the investment over a new car, in order to maximize the period linked to the return of the investment. Besides that the final aspect of the vehicle could be better because all the wire installation can be made by the body-builder in its facilities.

When is interesting to make an aftermarket installation?

In some cases an aftermarket installation is recommended or required:

* Recommended: for a first installation which allow us to validate the concept and define future installations in new cars.
* Needed: When we import a bus and a delivery of the system to the coach builder will delay the final installation without add value to the installation.

Logically, the installation would be done on a relatively new bus or coach (less than two years is a good choice) and which will remain in the fleet of the company at least 3-4 years in order to allow an adequate commercial exploitation.

Advices Regarding the installation of a IES

The Aftermarket installation made by an expert technical service , provides a level of quality similar to the factory installation. This is necessary to ensure that the supports of the screens in the backs of seats discharge their responsibilities in terms of design and reliability , and be duly approved for use. Also an experienced installation team is needed in order ensure that we carry out the cabling for the right places and with the required quality standards , in a time short period which will not affect the service plan of the bus. Two- three days for the installation and commissioning is more than reasonable time to complete an installation of this type .

In conclusion, the installation of an aftermarket Entertainment System Individual offers both possibilities , each with its advantages, and it is true that non- availability of a new car in the next few months should not prevent installation of custom entertainment system on board, maybe it would be a good opportunity to do it.