The importance of community certificates R10, R46 and R118

The Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) of the United Nations issued a series of mandatory regulations for those companies that market active safety systems, such as digital mirrors. Obtaining the community certified derivatives by Azimut allows us to supply our MirrorCam digital mirror to bus manufacturers to incorporate it into their fleets.

The regulations are R10, R46 and R118 . The first reports on a series of prescriptions related to the homologation of vehicles with regard to their electromagnetic compatibility. The R46 speaks of the homologation of indirect vision devices and motor vehicles. And R118 deals with the fire behavior of the materials used in the manufacture of the interior of certain motor vehicles.

Regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

In order to obtain community certificates, it is an essential requirement to comply with the regulations issued by the Economic Commission for Europe (CEPE) . Although they are quite extensive, below, you will be able to know the most important points of each of these regulations.


Although the electronic devices help the driver, it is very important that they are all electromagnetically compatible and do not interfere with any external system.

Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of a vehicle and its components to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment. That is, without producing electromagnetic disturbances in any object that is located in its environment.

The communications and security infrastructure must be perfect and these devices must not negatively affect them. This is essential, since it would be useless for a device to work correctly while it is preventing another from doing it just as well. They must all work in perfect harmony and be compatible .


Applies to mandatory and optional devices for indirect vision intended to be installed in motor vehicles whose driver is covered by a bodywork.

Indirect vision devices are those that serve to observe the traffic area adjacent to the vehicle that cannot be viewed directly . That is, rear-view mirrors, cameras with monitors or other types of devices that perform this same function.

The application for homologation in the case of mirrors must be accompanied by four copies of these articles . Three will be used in the tests and one is kept by the laboratory for any type of verification that is necessary later on.

Section 6 lays down a series of requirements that mirrors must meet in relation to their contour, surface, fixing device, dimensions, etc. In the event that the samples submitted for approval meet these requirements, the relevant type approval for the indirect vision device will be granted.


It obliges the manufacturers of passenger transport vehicles to make a series of changes related to the material used in the manufacturing process . The objective that it pursues is to provide more security in the event that the fire affects in some way during the trip.

It applies to the fire behavior (combustion rate, flammability and melting behavior) of the interior materials used in vehicles with a capacity of more than 22 passengers. In addition, these must not have been designed for standing passengers or for use in the city.

Approval is granted in accordance with the following:

Azimut's top priority: passenger and driver safety

At Azimut we are very clear that it is necessary to comply with all current regulations that are related to the systems we sell. Our main objective is that both the passengers and the driver can circulate in complete safety . Therefore, since these regulations were published, we took them into account to comply with each of their standards and achieve the corresponding approval.

Thanks to this effort we have obtained the community certificates that allow us to supply our MirrorCam digital mirror . This active security system provides a series of advantages that we see below.

Features an enlarged field of view

In this way, you can completely eliminate blind spots and improve your driver's visibility on both sides of the vehicle.

Provides high definition viewing

It has two cameras that show a real-time HD view of everything that happens around your vehicle. In addition, the image is clear and sharp both day and night.

Its installation is very simple

If you need to replace your conventional rear-view mirror with the new Azimut MirrorCam digital rear-view mirror, we carry out the installation ourselves . It is a process that will not cause you any problems and that we will carry out very quickly so that the vehicle can continue operating as soon as possible.

It has proximity indicators

They help your driver at all times, as they indicate the exact position of the vehicles around them . In this way, the driver can make lane changes with complete peace of mind and without running any risk.

Complies with safety regulations

As we have already mentioned before, it is a mirror that complies with all the safety regulations that are in force today.

In short, the community certificates R10, R46 and R118 are essential to be able to market active safety systems such as our MirrorCam digital mirror. At Azimut we had it clear from the beginning and we got down to work to achieve it. Today we can say that we have them and that our product complies with all community regulations . If you are interested in our products or need any type of information related to them, you just have to contact us. We will gladly assist you and our professionals will answer any questions you may have.

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