Press release – Azimut’s Solutions Tackle Urban Mobility and Safety Challenges for Drivers

Azimut’s Solutions Tackle Urban Mobility and Safety Challenges for Drivers

Brussels, Date of 2023 – In anticipation of the imminent BusWorld Brussels 2023 event, Azimut presents its cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges drivers face in terms of safety and mobility on urban roads. With increasing traffic, the constant presence of pedestrians and cyclists, and blind spots, driving in cities has become more challenging than ever. Azimut’s technological innovations, aligned with the stipulations of European regulations R151, R158, and R159, directly confront these pressing issues.

Facing the Blind Spot Challenge

In compliance with Regulation R151, Azimut has developed a state-of-the-art system that employs radar technology combined with visual and auditory alerts. This innovation significantly reduces the risks associated with blind spots, especially concerning cyclists, ensuring drivers have an added layer of assurance when navigating urban environments.

Improving Rear Visibility

Regulation R158 underlines the imperative to shield vulnerable individuals behind vehicles. Recognizing this need, Azimut introduces a comprehensive kit featuring a camera, monitor, and ultrasonic sensors. This ensemble not only illuminates these challenging blind spots but also emits clear and actionable alerts for the driver.

Alerts When Starting the Vehicle

Addressing Regulation R159, Azimut has taken a proactive approach to prevent potential accidents at the start of a journey. The company offers a specialized kit that promptly alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians and cyclists in those often-overlooked blind areas, ensuring a departure free from incidents.

“Our core mission at Azimut is to streamline and safeguard the urban driving experience. Through these state-of-the-art solutions, we reiterate our unwavering commitment to resolving the daily challenges drivers face,”

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