Press release – Azimut Transforms Passenger Transport with the Launch of Azimut AOD BusPad+ at BusWorld 2023

Azimut Transforms Passenger Transport with the Launch of Azimut AOD BusPad+ at BusWorld 2023

Brussels, Belgium – October 2, 2023 – Azimut, a leader in innovative entertainment solutions, is thrilled to unveil the AOD BusPad+ at BusWorld 2023. This groundbreaking product promises to redefine on-board entertainment for public transport passengers, offering a plethora of streaming content from leading platforms and the opportunity to cast personal content on individual embedded screens.

Introducing a New Era of On-board Entertainment

The travel industry, particularly public transport, has seen a dire need for enhanced passenger experiences. As journey durations can often be lengthy, having a state-of-the-art entertainment system can significantly elevate the overall travel experience. With the introduction of the AOD BusPad+, Azimut addresses this gap, promising passengers a journey as exciting as the destination.

Azimut has always prioritized passenger comfort and experience. This relentless pursuit of innovation has led to the creation of the AOD BusPad+. Now, passengers can not only enjoy top-tier content but also stay informed with real-time updates and enjoy a shopping platform, right from their seats.

Features of Azimut AOD BusPad+

◽ Streaming: Enjoy your favorite streaming platforms with our chromecast service from the passenger’s device to our HD screens.
◽ Azimut Cloud Service: A vast selection of movies, series, music, games, and much more.
◽ Passenger Information Services: Real-time updates to keep passengers informed.
◽ On-board Shopping Platform: A convenient shopping experience from one’s seat.
◽ Communication and Audio System: Clear and efficient announcements for passengers.
◽ Device Sharing System: Flawless integration with personal devices for content casting.

“BusPad+ represents a significant milestone for Azimut. It reinforces our commitment to transforming passenger experiences. We believe that the journey should be as delightful as the destination, and with AOD BusPad+, we’re making this a reality,” commented at Azimut.

Experience AOD BusPad+ at BusWorld 2023

The product is set to be showcased at BusWorld 2023, and industry professionals and enthusiasts can get a firsthand experience of this revolutionary entertainment system. Azimut invites all attendees to visit their booth for live demonstrations and more information.

To explore more about the Azimut AOD BusPad+ and how it’s set to reshape on-board entertainment, please visit our website.

About Azimut

Azimut stands at the forefront of entertainment solutions, committed to enhancing user experiences. With a blend of technology and innovation, Azimut has consistently delivered products that set industry benchmarks.

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Visit Us at BusWorld 2023

For all attendees of BusWorld 2023, we cordially invite you to experience the Smart Bus firsthand. Join us in Hall 4, Stand 433 for live product demonstrations. If you wish to schedule a personalized meeting, please contact Enrique Clérigues at


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