The Digital Kit Program for the digital transformation of companies

The Digital Kit represents a unique opportunity for SMEs and other companies . The help it offers allows them to take the step towards digitizing the business or to continue advancing in this process. In this way, it is possible to acquire the best tools of the moment. Still don't know what exactly it is? Find out below.

The importance of the digital transformation of companies

Digital transformation has become a phenomenon that continues to spread. Companies from all sectors can integrate numerous tools and services into their processes. These resources fulfill several tasks, among which the automation of repetitive tasks stands out. It is also possible to computerize different areas of the business or effectively reach new customers.

In any case, digitizing your business allows you to increase the efficiency with which it works . This translates into cost savings and greater responsiveness. By having the right tools, you can optimize fuel consumption or the routes your vehicle fleet travels. And these are just two examples of what is possible to achieve.

Plus, it makes it easy for you to adapt to the ever-changing demands of your customers . You will have the right solutions to anticipate their requests, something that only digital tools offer. By evaluating the data your business generates, you can make better decisions for the future. Thus, you gain in competitiveness and avoid being left behind.

You also adopt key technologies, such as cloud computing or machine learning . You benefit from the latest advances, especially in artificial intelligence. This is the key that will contribute the most to keep your business moving forward at a good pace and to understand it thoroughly. But perhaps you think that the cost of the digitization process is unaffordable, which is a mistake. The Digital Kit is precisely the help you need to take the first step.

What does the Digital Kit consist of?

It is a program launched by the Government that is part of its Recovery, Transformation and Economic Resilience Plan. Its objective is to subsidize the acquisition and implementation of digital solutions . For this purpose, you have a wide variety of alternatives distributed in different categories offered by the best digitizing agents. The latter are the providers of tools and services, who will help you at all times.

The target audience of the Digital Kit are small businesses, micro-businesses and the self-employed . It has a budget of 3,067 million euros that come from Next Generation EU funds. The period to apply for the grant will run from 2021 to 2023 in several calls. Depending on the situation of your company, the amount of aid may vary.

To give you an idea, the first call was aimed at SMEs with between 10 and 49 workers. These companies could get a maximum subsidy of 12,000 euros , to invest in different solutions. Some examples are the development of a website, acquisition of cybersecurity tools or for business intelligence.

Requirements to apply for the grant

What Geotab offers you

One of the tools you can get with your Digital Kit is Geotab, a telematics and fleet management system . It is a solution that allows you to connect and manage the data of your fleet of vehicles. You concentrate all the activity in a single platform with easy access and management. Thanks to it, you manage to save on important costs, such as fuel, increase sustainability and reduce redundant processes.


Geotab offers you a series of essential features that you should know about. The first lies in its ability to optimize the management of your fleets . You have a database obtained from the actual operation of each vehicle. This helps you control fuel consumption, set speed rules and improve routes. Thus, you manage to reduce downtime and simplify vehicle maintenance.

Along with this, the security of the entire fleet is increased . You have the option to generate specific reports for each driver. Inside you will find a series of parameters that evaluate the probability of having an accident. You can also check their performance and promote good habits among your workers.

Of course, the program complies with current regulations regarding data protection and tachograph management. In the first case, Geotab follows the indications of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP) to take care of the privacy of all personnel. In addition, the digital tachograph that it incorporates helps you reduce incidents to a minimum and identify problems in real time.

Main benefits for fleet management

To conclude, the Digital Kit helps you improve the performance of your company. You just have to select the right tools. At Azimut we recommend using Geotab to manage your fleets and optimize their operation. No matter what type of vehicle you use, you will have the necessary information so that its performance is adequate. Visit our website and ask us your questions!