On-board entertainment on demand or linear: Advantages and disadvantages

When we talk about in-coach distraction, we are referring to two types of systems: on-demand distraction , i.e. the passenger decides what to watch and when, and linear means that the 'the same content is reproduced for all passengers. In this article, we'll go over the pros and cons of each .

What is a linear onboard distraction system?

In a linear entertainment system on board the contents are reproduced by channels which the user accesses in the same way as he would at home, with television for example. We can zap the different channels, but without being able to stop it, nor advance, nor restart a program or a movie.

What is an on-demand in-flight entertainment system?

In an in-flight on-demand entertainment system , the passenger builds their own entertainment, chooses what they want to see and at what time during the journey, so that content playback is provided exclusively for the traveler and also also controlled by him.


The advantages of an on-demand on-board entertainment system

Thus, in an SEI on demand (on-board entertainment system) the passenger can:

Choose from a wide range of content: Live TV, Movies, Music, Read eBooks, Games, Internet
Start playing a video or music , stop it, restart it, advance the film or song, choose the language, activate/deactivate the subtitles, etc.

In this way, in a coach with an on-demand on-board entertainment system, each passenger will enjoy their exclusive content, it is possible for everyone to watch the same film, but each in a different sequence, with the possibility of taking a break , fast forward … without affecting the reproduction of other users.

Benefits for the company
We know the advantages of this system for the traveler but for the company? what are the advantages?
Be more flexible when providing passengers with more options.
The company can upload its own content so that it can be consulted at any time: safety, passenger rights and obligations, timetables, etc.
Internet access , when managed by a high performance router, you can channel all traffic through the company's own portal.


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