High Gain Wi-Fi and 4G Antennas.

Nowadays we live continuously connected either from work, mobile phone or in our homes, and also in vehicles on route. The fact is that we spent more and more time connected to the Internet.

In this aspect, Wi-Fi networks have taken an important role, as they allow us to be connected anywhere and on any device to get access to the Internet. They have been spread so much that there are numerous public access points to the Internet for free in many countries.

But surely, our own home is where we spend more time connected to the network. This is a place where we usually have problems with the signal to reach certain points, either by the layout of the house, the size, the number of floors or the thick walls with which it has been built.

There are some signal repeaters that are able to increase the range of the router, but if we want to be connected anywhere in the house, in the garden, from the pool or anywhere in the plot, installing a long-range Wi-Fi antenna is the solution.

wifi-azimuthIt is also a great solution for those large places where the access to the Wi-Fi network is needed from anywhere in the building regardless of the distribution it has.

On buses it is essential that these antennas are high gain because we are also moving, and these have to be connected from repeater to repeater all along the route, and also to the faster networks as 4G.

According to its range (up to 15 km), this type of antennas can also be used to bring internet connection points where there is no possibility to enjoy those connections, but provided they are within the scope of the antenna and the space between both points are free of obstacles like tall buildings or mountains.

However, to apply them into domestic use, these factors will not be influential and therefore they can be very helpful to use at home or large places, to use devices such as laptops, Smartphone or Tablet from the garden or also to get the Wi-Fi signal to the security cameras installed at various points in the plot that require connection to record images.

Such antennas can be directional, sending the signal in a particular direction, or omnidirectional, which are those spreading the signal 360 degrees and the ones needed to spread the signal in such circumstances in a home or building.

In order to proceed with the installation of these long distance Wi-Fi antennas, we should choose the one that best suits each of the needs, that is, capable of delivering the signal to the required distance and then proceed to replace the antenna or the router original antennas by others of this type.

There are Wi-Fi antennas for both indoors and outdoors, therefore, we can also think of the possibility of maintaining the router inside the house and installing a signal repeater with a long-range antenna installed therein.

On buses it is essential that the antenna is outside the vehicle and if there are two, they have to be aligned, as the signal reception will be better.