How to get the best content for your passengers? What content can I achieve?

No matter the technology or comfort, the success of the content consumption depends on its correct selection. For this, the best option is to always put yourself in the shoes of your passengers. What are they thinking, what do they need and how do the specifics of their trip affect them, are essential questions that need to be asked for passenger satisfaction.

Since the beginning of our initiative, we have been analysing content consumption with some interesting (and some obvious) results.

The Device is Key

The behaviour of content consumption is greatly dependant on what device is being used. For example, a passenger’s consumption is significantly reduced if they are using their own device compared with using embedded terminals in the vehicles. This is due to multiple reasons such as battery consumption, quality and resolution of the device, absence of headphones or the reluctance to connect to an external network.

The Content Depends on the Duration and Type of Trip

The specifics of each trip also affect a passenger’s content consumption behaviour. Movies for example, are the most consumed type of content and are essential to passengers during long trips, especially as they can be combined with lighter content. During short trips it is essential for the passengers to have content that can be consumed during the length of the trip, meaning that the passenger can finish the piece of content. Even their mentality changes completely, when on a shorter trip, a passenger tends to want more concrete things, information is highly valued, television is greatly appreciated, and connection to the internet is essential. They tend to want a better connection to the outside world, in these environments content must be simple, short and communicated correctively.

Movies need their own section, as even though it in the current environment it the most consumed type of content, in mobile environments they have far from the same amount of success. The reason is clear, the supply that can be obtained is very limited.

Passenger Profile

Who the passenger is also influences their choices. They are going to want different things depending on different factors, one of them being their age. Younger people have a primary need to consume data on their own device, therefore an internet connection is the best service they can receive. However, it is necessary to regulate what and how is offered as an excess supply (I.e. Unlimited data), can cause more economic damage than benefits.

Child passengers are the largest consumers of content (movies, TV, etc.). It is always necessary to have a sector dedicated to this specific audience.

Adult passengers adapt more to the circumstances and want different types of content depending of a multitude of different factors. An example of an influential factor is the time of day the content is being consumed at. In the morning they are more likely to want to inform themselves, especially with the radio, internet or television, while when they are tired, they are more likely to consume relaxing content, such as movies, series or television. They are also a lot more likely to listen to music or podcasts as well as reading books and magazines.

The Solution: Custom Content Packages

At Azimut, we are aware of the importance the content has, that’s why we have taken the initiative to classify our clients and their trips to be able to generate suggestions in the form of package deals with movies and TV films adapted to each client’s needs. These content packages are managed directly to facilitate the operation and are renewed periodically according to the audience and seniority.

These packages are complemented with specific content suggestions provided in the news, magazines, books, as well as the possibility of adding any other additional audio-visual content the operator chooses, taking into account the legal considerations.