Seat-back screens: when passenger comes first

Is the passenger at the core of your business?

In an era where an Entertainment system is an onboard “Must-have”, operators tend to think about how to improve it. Those who decide to install seat-back screens will be one step ahead.

The screens are not only for long trips. Passengers prefer accessing to the entertainment system via Seat-back Screens, regardless of their trip duration.

However, there are still some questions to answer before operators take that step.

Pantallas embarcadas, cuando el pasajero es lo primero.

Operators make high investments in security and comfort, not taking into account one of the most important points to increase passenger satisfaction. This part will be a powerful loyalty factor: the backseat screens.

There are multiple REAL BENEFITS of installing seat-back screens:

    • Extra comfort to enjoy the films, tv shows and other content: This one is obvious, but often forgotten. Passengers really appreciate having a bigger screen to enjoy the content than the ones they have on their own devices. This will be a very powerful point to increase passengers’ satisfaction.
    • Ease of access to the entertainment system: Thanks to the AOD user interface, the navigation through the menu will be easier than ever!
    • No need for your passengers to consume their own devices’ batteries: One of the inconveniences of using mobile phones and PC for using the entertainment system is battery consumption.
    • Increase of consumption, even by +800%, regarding the “Only passenger’s device systems”. (Based on audience data collected from our current clients): Azimut has proven that the entertainment system is more used with screens. This point reflects the great improvement of satisfaction the backseat screens provide with.
    • Improve your corporate branding. Provide your passengers with very classy service. Your bus appearance matters!
    • The power of photography. Social media users share their trips every day. Be one of those that appear in those posts thanks to your amazing service!

Each operator has its own needs. The most important thing is to know the technical requirements of the coach to install the best solution. Regarding the  seat-back screens hardware potential, below you will find a list with them:

  • 3 different sizes: 7”, 9” and 10,1”: The bigger, the better.
  • Our screens comply with all the quality standards needed. Automotive certification.
  • Adaptation to the needs of the client. Azimut develops specific solutions.
  • High definition 1280 x 800p: No quality loss.
  • Dual Wi-Fi. 2,4/5GHz.
  • Android 6.
  • LCD 16:10.

Pantallas embarcadas

Wonderful service but, is it difficult to install?

The answer is NO. Operators must not be worried about the installation of the seat-back screens. Although every screen must fit in the target seat, Azimut adapts them to every need, easing the installation. We are aware of the multiple setups of a coach.

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