What kind of TV Channels I can enjoy during my bus trip?

In our previous post we mentioned that nowadays it´s possible to enjoy Satellite Live TV on board buses and coaches. Seems reasonable to introduce in this new post which are the type of installations are offered by the market in order to determine what kind of platforms and channels are going to be available for our customers.

What kind of TV Channels I can enjoy during my bus trip?

Let´s remember which are the type of satellite antennas present in the market :

Low Profile – “ Phased Array “: Height between 16-18 cm.
Standard: Height between 16-18 cm.

If we have in mind that mostly in Europe the maximum height of a Bus it´s 4 meters, the selection and placement of the antenna it´s critical in many installations and type of buses.
Installing any of the antennas we will be able to enjoy 3 different solutions of Satellite Live Television on board.

Free on Air live tv Channels

This option offers the possibility of enjoy all the free to air channels available in the different platforms. It´s just necessary to install the satellite antenna on the bus, select the satellite/transponder and finally display the channel.

Payment Platforms

The second possibility allows the bus companies to offer all the channels included in the different payment platforms of the market, among the most popular live tv content the sport channels are probably the most demanded.

This option is completely compatible with the previous one, so at the end the bus companies can offer to their passengers different channels in order to make more attractive its entertainment offer.

DTT Satellite Channels

The reception of DTT channels outside the urban areas is nowadays very complicated because the coverage is very poor, reason why it´s almost impossible to enjoy this channels while we are travelling.

The solution is quite simple, it´s just necessary to install the antenna linked to a DTT Channel decoder in order to receive the DTT channels not only in Spain but also in Portugal and the south part of France.

DTT in urban areas

In the urban areas where the DTT signal coverage is good, sometimes it´s more interesting to offer DTT Channels instead of satellite channels because it´s difficult to track the satellites inside a city. In this case the most feasible solution it´s to install a last generation DTT antenna with a DTT receiver in order to tune the DTT channels.

This is a very interesting solution when the bus company wants to offer the same channels displayed at home.