Why is it necessary to conduct passenger surveys?

How many times have we traveled and wanted to give our opinion, for better or worse, about our experience, but we have not known how? In the Age of Communication we have platforms such as social networks to express our opinion, although no one assures us that the company we are going to will read us. So, from the point of view of a company, how do we know the information about the passenger and the level of customer satisfaction to form effectively and efficiently? In Azimut we have the answer, the satisfaction surveys.

The value of surveys.

Business success rests on several pillars, and one of them is high customer satisfaction. It is necessary to offer a good service thanks to which our customers want to return and thus increase our repeat purchase rates. In a few words, enhance our brand image.

Conducting surveys of our customers is the way to put ourselves in their shoes, to learn about their concerns, desires, experiences, etc., and to obtain information about the passenger, that is, to know the quality perceived by the user. Thanks to this we will be able to lay the foundations for an increase in the quality of the service based on real opinions.

Satisfaction surveys bring a fundamental value to our brand image, since in this way we will know our strengths and weaknesses, and there is no better action than correcting an imminent problem before it happens. At Azimut we are aware of the importance of knowing our customers in order to obtain information on weaknesses in time. Thanks to this we can be in a process of continuous improvement for users and increase the rates of repeat purchase. Loyalty to our customers is a basic customer retention process, so knowing the perceived quality is necessary.


Surveys tailored to your needs.

Thanks to the great functionality of our satisfaction surveys, they adapt to any need. As basic functions we find that the surveys can be customized in terms of name and questions, scheduled for a specific period, choose how they are displayed and even select the language in which they are configured.

The data that our satisfaction surveys can provide is very valuable, since the questions that can be configured can be either very specific or very broad. It has happened to all of us at some point that when filling out a survey or opinion article the text box has become too small, since we wanted to expose our vision as much as possible. The range of types of questions and answers that our surveys offer includes the following: Questions with free answers (for those users who want to explain their experience in a broader range), multiple-choice questions to choose between options of different formats and Yes/No questions. Nope.

Our satisfaction surveys are shown in a non-invasive way and their opening is voluntary, but if what you urgently need is to know the opinion of your passengers on a specific topic, we can program the surveys so that they are mandatory. The important thing is not to overwhelm the user, to enhance customer satisfaction.

The results appear in a very clear and concise way so that they can be easily analyzed.

Keys to turn results into business success.

Every time a user responds to a satisfaction survey, they are spending time explaining their experience, so a correct reading of this data can become an increase in the quality of the service and improve our brand image. To this is added having at hand a report of weaknesses perceived by users.

Obtaining information about the passenger through this process is very effective, and from Azimut we recommend that this data be taken into account as it is very valuable. Continuous improvement satisfies our users. In addition, as one of our objectives is that the experience of our customers' passengers is excellent, we will advise you at all levels so that both good and bad opinions are achievements in your business future, since in a sector as competitive as this, differentiation is the key.


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