What type of Individual Entertainment Systems are available in the market?

Three are the main factors which define the different individual entertainment Systems available in the market:

In this article we will discuss in detail each of these factors which are vital in order to select the best onboard individual entertainment system.

at type of Individual Entertainment Systems are available in the market?

Contents: Video on Demand and lineal systems

The type of contents offered is the key factor of all the on board entertainment systems. The Video on Demand systems allow the passengers to select the type of contents they want to enjoy by interacting with a touch screen. The basic offer includes movies, music, radio, e-books and games. The passenger decides when he wants to interact with them being able to move forward –backward and stop a movie for example.

Other options that can be included in order to enhance your on board entertainment offer are the Satellite Live TV (installing a satellite antenna with its decoder) or the Internet access ( installing a professional router with enough bandwidth for the interaction of the passengers). If we decide to offer internet it´s very important to use capacitive screens (they allow to make zoom using the fingers), besides a modern version of Android is required to deal with the graphic applications like Flash.

The lineal Systems offer a number of simultaneous channels accessible by the passenger using +- pushbuttons. In every single channel we could enjoy a different content: movie, channel tv, music, radio… The broadcasting of each channel is fix reason why the passenger can´t change the broadcasting options.

Type of technology of the data transmission

The type of technology used for data transmission is a very important factor that transcends the purely technical level, we distinguish several types: Wifi System (ie, completely wireless), Wired System and Radio Frequency cabling technology.

Size of the Display : 7” or 9”

The most common sizes are 7 “and 9“, and not by chance. The seats of buses or coaches usually allows the installation of 7 “on their backside , while 9” displays require more space . The distance between the eyes of the passenger and the display is suitable for 7 “and 9″. For configurations with short distance between seats, to prevent the front passenger reclining display is very close, it is advisable to install 7. ”

Some manufacturer presents displays 10 ” for Asian and South American markets due to the use of large armchairs in those markets where the distance between the passenger and the screen is enough. You do not have chance in Europe, except in special vehicles.
After reviewing each of these three factors only raise one more.

After reviewing each of these three factors only raise one more question: how to choose the right one? In addition to the technical issues that we have noted in this article, we must also take into account the economic side, just a example: if we assume that the most expensive system (Wired Ethernet) costs 100 €, a wireless system would cost de75 € -80, and RF cabling a cost of 60-65 €. 


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