The human factor causes 93% of accidents

safety solutions

Currently, in the era of video surveillance and technology, we can find solutions that monitor safety and order in big cities. A few years ago we would have been surprised with so much media attention, but today, it has been assumed that thanks to technology, we can anticipate and prevent dangerous situations.

It is known to all that it has been implemented for a long time the use of safety cameras in private vehicles and in the main means of transport to record everything that happens. This is extremely useful in delicate situations, to try to avoid possible accidents.

According to Georgia Tech, 80% of all accidents are caused by the driver’s distraction 3 seconds before an accident.

The investigation of the French insurance company AXA indicates that a warning of 1.5 seconds in advance can prevent 90% of accidents in the rear and the warning of 2 seconds in advance can prevent the occurrence of most accidents.


What is active safety?

Systems based on artificial intelligence actively help the driver to prevent most accidents and thus improve safety. The mission of these solutions is to avoid distractions, as well as anticipate the reaction to a possible collision through acoustic and visual warnings. All this to maximize the effect of call attention and thus reduce human errors that may arise.

Active Safety Solutions

  • Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS): detects, in real-time, complex situations in front of the vehicle to reduce driving risks. Provides early warnings of lane departure, frontal collision, the presence of pedestrians and safety distance.
  • Driver status monitoring (DSM): detects in real-time a danger associated with the driver’s status, based on artificial vision technology. It helps identify and alert situations of fatigue, distraction, tobacco and phone use while driving.
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD): detects in real-time pedestrians, cyclists and other moving objects, within areas of non-visibility of the vehicle, through image processing with advanced artificial intelligence.

safety solutions


  • Reduces the probability of accidents
  • Improves reaction capacity
  • Reduces distractions at the wheel
  • Warns visually and acoustically
  • Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms with warning generation in advance of 2 seconds to possibly dangerous situations.

Maximize safety

Active safety solutions, coordinated with the 360º peripheral vision system, improve safety exponentially. The 360º vision makes a complete picture of what is happening around the vehicle, through 4 or 6 180º angular vision cameras installed outside. The different images captured live by the cameras are sent simultaneously to a processor (individual or integrated on the screen), which combines, mixes and merges them in real-time.

vision 360

All these systems combined, allow us to get a plus of safety on the road, as well as having the tranquillity and control of everything that happens in the vehicle. All this monitored with a control platform, called Azimut BusBrain, from the which we can access all the data in real-time and in case of an accident, we can reproduce the recording and be able to debug responsibilities.