How to monitor the customer satisfaction of our wifi network onboard

To monitor the satisfaction of our passengers regarding the wifi network installed onboard it´s not always an easy thing, because many of the systems available in the market do not include any measurement tools which allow the bus operator to obtain use and performance statistics.


Why from our point of view is interesting to mesure the performance of our owifi network onboard? The answer is very simple: This service many times is considered an investment reason why it´s important to know if the service is perceived positively by the passengers.

Measure the Success by knowing our customers

Obviously a poor use of the wifi network onboard by our passengers has two clear reasons:

  • The system do not work properly: problem in the connections, poor internet access, low bandwidth,….
  • The profile and route of the passengers is not adequate for this kind of service.

Considering those statements the conclusion is clear: It´s necessary to know exactly which is the number of passengers connected to the wifi network onboard in order to decide if it´s interesting for the bus operator to offer this service from an economical point of view.

Length of sessions

One of the essential features which can determine the success of our wifi network onboard in the length of the user sessions, the amount of time spent using our wifi service.

Our systems can have many users connected but if the length of the sessions is poor compared with the amount of time they spend onboard, means that the surfing experience of our passengers it´s not good. This is the reason why it´s very important to analyze which the length of the wifi sessions.

Number of Users that reconnect with the service

This indicator is really useful. To know exactly which is the number of passengers which are constantly using the service and even the number of the which reconnect with the system along the journey, week or month is the best customer satisfaction indicator. Have a poor number of recurrent users in our systems indicates a low level of satisfaction.

Return of the investment

As we have analyzed, to measure the level of satisfaction of our passengers regarding the use of the onboard wifi network is very important, because in many occasions the bus operators are investing a huge quantity of money in order to offer the service and obviously they would like to know if it is perceived positively by the customers.