What is an Individual entertainment system?

An Individual Entertainment System  (IES) is a system which allows every single passenger of a bus to choose the contents they would like to enjoy individually, basically every passenger chooses what type of entertainment they would like to enjoy and for how long. This is for the moment the most flexible entertainment systems because it´s possible to integrate different possibilities like movies, videos, tv, games and every passenger enjoy it separately.

Multimedia Contents, the key of the IES

From our point of view a IES has to be attractive for its potential customers reason why the multimedia contents integrated on it are from our point of view the KEY in order to have a successful IES installed onboard. Offer the contents demanded by the passengers are basic nowadays , it´s definitively a challenge ever higher than any other aspects linked to the purchase or the installation of the system. An innovative wireless IES integrated with the passenger own devices can be perceived like something very basic if the contents integrated are attractive for the passengers.

Individual Sound

After the introduction of the video in the buses like a collective option of entertainment, the individual sound what the first IES developed in the market. A system of individual sound allows the passengers to choose between 8 different channels. Usually those audio contents are played linearly with out the possibility of change or move forward.

Individual Video: not only movies.

Compared with the central video monitors, the music channels, etc, the main difference of an individual entertainment system is the possibility to offer individual multimedia contents to every single passenger. Normally the people thinks that are the movies the only contents available but there are many more contents which can be integrated like: Safety Instructions, Corporate Contents, Advertises, Educative Contents, Short Movies…..

¿Which are the options available now in an Individual Entertainment System?

Nowadays those are the options available in an Individual Entertainment System:

*Movies classified by genres.

*Music classified by different types.

*Internet Access.


Besides that there is a possibility to integrate external systems, like the Live Satellite Television during the route. Basically an Individual Entertainment System offers the possibility to offer the passengers multimedia contents that nowadays are only displayed in the intercontinental flights adding the internet access + the satellite live TV.

.¿May install a IES in my fleet?

From our point of view the installation of a IES increases the loyalty of the passenger, those bus companies which normally cover medium/long routes , tour operators, VIP vehicles are the perfect target.  It´s also important have into consideration that nowadays the technology is changing and of course it´s also arriving to the bus sector. An individual entertainment system obviously represents a qualitative advantage for the bus company because opens a new channel of communication with the passenger.

REMEMBER: The perfect configuration of the contents and their upgrading having in mind the feedback from the passengers, it´s going to be a crucial activity in order  increase the passenger satisfaction.